Credit Insurance management



Fidancia manages credit insurance for fashion, footwear and accessory brands. Our team of experts deals directly with the insurance company to guarantee our clients the best possible coverage. Always on their side, we know their circumstances and interests. We also work closely with retail shops and put at our clients’ disposal our expertise and the information from our database to assist them in their decisions. Information is crucial for ensuring sales.


Precisely because the steps to follow with the insurance company are often unknown to the brands, it is not infrequent that these fail to meet the requirements for compensation indicated in the policy. Fidancia acts on behalf of the brands before the insurance company, takes care of the procedures and guarantees compensation.


Fidancia informs its client of all relevant data concerning both the insurance company and the retail shops. If a a shop does not pay punctually, Fidancia will activate the most effective means for non-contentious claim, avoiding bad debt losses as much as possible. And if an invoice eventually does not get paid, Fidancia will file for compensation with the insurance company and have the client reimbursed.

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