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As a service provider for the fashion industry, Fidancia stands as an intermediary between suppliers and retailers. In partnership with the insurance company Crédito y Caución – Atradius Group, our team specialises in risk prevention and full management of sales’ credit insurance at a national and international level.


(Fidancia News Nº4 – Olivier Arrighi)


Our main objective is for boutiques to have a better understanding of how the world of credit insurance works, and about the people giving the final thumbs up to requests being processed.


Fidancia is a company specialised in managing the accounts receivable for manufacturers working and selling worldwide. We also offer our manufacturing clients the option of fully managing the credit insurance of their sales. For that reason, ever since our establishment we have worked alongside insurance and reinsurance company Crédito y Caución S.A. Founded in 1929, it is leader on the Iberian peninsula in the credit insurance sector with over 136,800 million Euros worth of insured businesses.


During these years and following the growth attained, our partner Crédito y Caución has become the second leading credit insurance company in the world after getting on board with Grupo Atradius, probably known by a lot of you, especially in central European countries.


January 2008, Atradius and Crédito y Caución announced the conclusion of the operations aimed toward the combination of their businesses. Both insurers will work as part of Grupo Atradius.


Grupo Atradius insures about 500,000 million Euros worth of global business related to non-payment annually. It has access to the commercial information of more than 52 million companies worldwide and makes more than 22,000 credit limit decisions per day.
With the goal of completing this information, I think it is interesting to point out that these credit insurance companies are themselves reinsured by top quality reinsurance companies.
In the case of Crédito y Caución, the reinsurance leader is formed by Spanish and foreign companies such as:


– Swiss Re.
– Münchener Rückversicherung – Gesellschaft
– Seguros Catalana Occidente, S.A.
– Nacional de Reaseguros, S.A.
– Hannover RÜCK
– España, S.A. Cía. Nacional de Seguros
– Partner, Re.
– Scor de Reassurances
– Nouvelle Re.
– N.V. Nationale Borg Maatschappij
– GES Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A
– Trans Re.
– Paris Re.
– Atradius Re.
– Everest Re.


This information is relevant in order to understand that both Fidancia and credit insurance companies, all without exception, are reinsured in order to be able to face our obligations at any given moment.

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