New Year, new solutions.


New Year, new solutions.

Fidancia, always searching the better solutions to manage, simplify and promote the growth of your business, announce the launching of Koalaboox in Spain, online platform that permits invoice and financing in 1-click. “Fintech” solution 100% European, which has been launched in Spain in January 2018.

More and more entrepreneurs are turning to financing their invoices online, as a solution to their lack of liquidity. How does it work? The invoice is payed directly to a third people, this last one make himself responsible of recovering the amount of a debtor. The entrepreneur is released from part of the financial management, and get the liquidity needed. Able to exceed some of the main obstacles to success.

In Spain, the majority of the economy is made up of self-employers and SMEs, being a particularly fragility rank. 1 of every 2 businesses stop their activity before the 4th year of life. The principal cause is delay in invoices payments. For this reason Fidancia establish a partnership with Koalaboox, innovative solution essential for the well-being of the enterprises, allowing the collection of invoices in 1-click. Minimizing the risks of the self-employers and SMEs because of their lack of liquidity and simplifying their management.

Koalaboox has already more than 13.000 registered entrepreneurs and is recommended by 350 agencies and accounting entities in all Europe. Supported by BNP Paribas Fortis Factor & Triodos Bank. Koalaboox has already purchased invoices with payment expectation of 134 companies and a total value of 66 million euros.

Fidancia and Koalaboox presents synergies for your business. With this binomial, a big part of the needs of your company will be covered, providing cash flow needs and the time you need to dedicate to make grow your business.




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