Paris Fidancia Press Conference

Paris Fidancia Press Conference

conferencia_newsLawyers Ana Peña and Sissy Manrique de Lara gave a conference in Paris on “The Legal Keys to Your Fashion Business’ Success”.
The conference aroused great interest in the audience consisting mostly of fashion brands, distributors and agents.
The main points were:

– The key legal aspects that influence day-to-day relationships among the actors involved: agents, distributors, brands and boutiques
– The contract: an indispensable, adaptable and transparent preventive tool. The business chain from Brand/Producer to Boutiques through tradeshows, agents and distributors
– The Agent, key subject for the understanding between parties and overall business success. 86/653/EEC European Guideline of December 18, 1986 regulating Agency Contract / Key points to be regulated by a contract: territory, exclusivity, compensation
– Distributors: there is no specific regulation; all aspects must be regulated in the contract
– Boutiques: sales terms and conditions, means of payment, delivery on due date, faulty goods, agent as mediator between producer and brand
As a conclusion, Ana Peña emphasized the importance of negotiating contracts properly from the beginning, of adjusting them to the needs of the parties and of always trying to reach a friendly agreement in case of conflict. She also stressed that a lawyers’ role is to look after the client’s interests with the aim of fostering the client’s business.


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