When pursuing an order outside the usual circuits, be prudent!

When pursuing an order outside the usual circuits, be prudent!


When you do less expect it, the fraud appears.

Fidancia suggests caution when pursuing an order outside the usual circuits. In Europe it happens that fashion companies, like companies from other sectors, receive a great confirmation order coming from a reputable distributor, wholesaler or retailer.

The contact, we did not know until that moment, plays his professional role at his best, being a big department or chain of multi-brand store’s buyer. You might even face that when you double check all his relevant credentials, all checked information seems to be matching perfectly. We even face cases where such “buyer” give us the authentic buyer name data, in case we might double check it, impersonating to be his assistant. There are no major warning coming from the insurance credit company as there is already a credit insurance being booked for this Client.

The second part begins when the supplier sends the goods to the customer’s warehouse, which also have been previously confirmed. Late delivery address is changed at the very last moment and this is where the goods finally disappear. The bill will never be paid because it is an impersonation. A call or an e-mail to the company / client asking any topic order data and mentioning the buyer could be enough to verify the authenticity of the order, and it would not be less to be asking for an additional confirmation email again.

Heidi Laas


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